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The Snow Queen

a new ballet from Spokane Youth Ballet

choreographed by Naomi Hanvey

based on the book by Hans Christian Andersen

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Saturday, January 14, 2023, 2:00 pm

Ridgeline High School

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The Snow Queen is the story of Gerda and Kai, best friends in a small village. One day, Kai is cursed by fragments of a magic mirror which distort his vision and begin to freeze his heart like ice. Under the influence of the enchantment, Kai runs away and encounters the Snow Queen, a magical being without feeling or emotion. The Snow Queen numbs Kai to the pain of his curse and spirits him away to her kingdom. Left alone, Gerda begins to journey through the wide world to find Kai and save him before the Snow Queen’s power can freeze his heart completely. Her journey will test the limits of her courage and prove that the greatest power in the world is not magic but love.

Click here to read the full text (external site).


Artboard 44_edited.png

The Snow Queen

A being made of snow and magic, the Snow Queen cannot feel love or compassion. Her one desire is to make the world as cold and unfeeling as she is. She has an army of snowflakes at her command and can freeze the heart with a kiss.


A simple but kind orphan living in a small Danish village with her adopted Grandmother, Gerda loves her found family and will do anything for them - no matter what it costs her.


Like Gerda, Kai is an orphan who was adopted by an older woman he calls "Grandmother." Kai is friendly and openhearted, if a little careless, until he gets cursed by the fragments of a magic mirror.


Grandmother has no biological children or grandchildren, but she adopted Gerda and Kai and raises them as her own.

The Imp

A wicked but clever fairy who invents a magic mirror. The mirror has the ability to poison the sight of anyone who looks into it, making everything they see appear ugly, distorted, and cruel. Together with its minions, the Imp carries the mirror far and wide throughout the world in order to ensnare as many people as possible.

The River

A swift, winding river passes outside Gerda's village. Its spirit can communicate with the pure of heart.

The Enchantress and the Flowers

A woman skilled in magic, the Enchantress is childless and longs for a daughter. She spends her days tending an enchanted garden whose flowers she has taught to speak.

The Ravens

A pair of ravens who live part-time in the palace of the Princess. They may be bird-brained, but they are eager to help Gerda in her quest to find Kai.

The Prince & Princess

The Princess is the most clever and learned lady in all the world. She sought to marry a man who was as smart as she was, and searched far and wide until she found a young man who was able to answer her every question. The Princess and her new Prince reside in a palace in a kingdom neighboring Gerda's homeland.

The Robbers and the Robber Girl

A wandering group of bandits who live by their wits. Among their number is a little girl Gerda's age who keeps wild animals as pets.

The Reindeer

The Reindeer was born in Lapland, but was caught and tamed by the Robber Girl. She is a clever reindeer who knows a great deal about the Snow Queen.

The Wise Women

Two women in the far north with deep knowledge of the Snow Queen's power.

The Angels

Spirits born of the breath of prayers, the Angels rescue Gerda from the extreme cold at the edge of the world.


Naomi Hanvey's choreography for The Snow Queen combines Bournonville-influenced classical ballet, Russian and Ukrainian folk dance, and Graham-based modern dance to create a sense of a vast world populated by diverse beings, both earthly and magical.


We rely on the generosity of charitable foundations, private donors, and corporate sponsors to fund our projects. Click here to find out how you can help us bring this ballet to life.

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