Our Elementary 1 classes for the fall are nearly full! This is a great problem to have, so we have added another Elementary 1 class on Wednesdays from 5:15-6:00. In order to do this, we have had to shift the Elementary 2 Wednesday class to 4:00-5:00. I know this is not the most convenient option for everyone, but it was the preferred time for the majority of parents who had a child enrolled.

If your child is currently enrolled in Monday or Tuesday Elementary 1 and you would like to switch to Wednesday, please email me to let me know. Don't sign up online because you'll be charged for tuition you may have already paid.

If your child is enrolled in the Wednesday Elementary 2 class and the 4:00 time doesn't work for you, consider switching to the Monday class, which is still 4:30-5:30. We currently have plenty or room in that class. Again, email me directly to switch classes rather than doing it online.

I do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause! I try to make the schedule as convenient as possible for as many people as possible, but I know it doesn't always work out ideally for some.

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Dear Parents and Students,

The first month of summer just flew by! Most of our summer programs are starting in July, so be sure to sign up if you haven’t yet!

Summer Intensives. Current Ballet A-F students can enroll in our summer intensives. Check out our schedule here:

Drop-in Classes. Current Ballet A-F students can also attend drop-in classes in August (we’re looking into adding drop-ins for current D/E/F students in July in lieu of summer intensives, so let me know if you’re in that level and interested). You should be able to view them on Dance Studio-Pro and you can purchase classes in advance by clicking the “dance cards” button in your parent portal.

Fall classes are now open for enrollment! If you have already pre-registered for the school year, I’ve enrolled your child in the appropriate technique class. If your child is in Creative Movement or Elementary, I’ve temporarily put their name on the lists for both class options we offer in order to secure their spot; please let me know (if you haven’t already) which class you would prefer they attend and I’ll remove them from the other one. If your child is in Ballet 1-5, be sure to enroll them in any elective classes they wish to take. As always, please contact me if you have any issues registering.

Pictures and DVDs are here! If you ordered a class/individual photo or a DVD/USB of the performance, they are at the studio right now. Please see our office hours below and come pick them up at your earliest convenience.

Office hours this month. In general, this month’s office hours will correspond to the classes we’re running:

July 5-9: 9:30-2:30

July 12-30: 9:00-3:00 Monday-Friday (note: I will be out of town July 21-25, so the office will be closed those days)

August 2-14 and 23-27: 12:30-3:30 M/W/F, 12:30-4:30 T/Th

August 16-20: 9:00-3:00

Want more summer classes? If your child is between 3-8 years old, let me know if you’re interested in weekly classes this summer. At first I wasn’t able to fit it into the schedule, but we had to make some changes so there may be room now.

New merch! We have brand new Academy of Dance merch available on our website at More products will be added soon!

We hope to see you in the studio this summer – if not, have a great vacation and we’ll see you in September. Classes start the 13th!

~Naomi <><

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Dear Parents and Students,

Is it me, or did April just fly by? We have just over a month until our concert, so this letter contains very important information! Please save it for your records.

Attendance. With the concert approaching, attendance is very important! We do not want dancers to come to class if you are sick, but if they have an injury they should still come to class so they can observe rehearsal. As always, please contact us if your child will be absent for any reason.

May tuition is now due if you are paying monthly. I will be posting June tuition (which will be adjusted to account for the shorter month) on May 11 if you want to pay that early. Make sure you have also paid your performance fee and costume fee if you are performing in the concert.

Class pictures! We are planning to take class pictures on Tuesday, May 18 and Thursday, May 20. Please review the following times and let me know ASAP if your dancer will be unable to attend the time listed (and indicate if they could come at an earlier or later time).

Creative Movement: Tuesday, May 18, 4:45-5:20

Elementary 1 Tuesday class: Tuesday, May 18, 4:15-5:00 (regular class time)

Elementary 1 Thursday & Friday classes: 5:00-5:45 (regular class time for Thursday class)

Elementary 2: Thursday, May 20, 5:20-6:00

Ballet A: Thursday, May 20, 4:45-5:20 (if you attend class on Thursday come at the regular time and plan to stay until 5:20)

Ballet B: Tuesday, May 18, 4:00-4:40 (regular class will follow)

Ballet C: Thursday, May 20, 5:45-6:20 (regular class will follow)

Ballet D/E/F, soloists: Tuesday, May 18, 5:00-6:00

I will be sending a pre-order form from our photographer so you can order individual and group prints in advance if you choose. We do want all dancers to be present for photos even if you don’t plan to purchase photos because I would like a group shot of each class.

Last week of regular class schedule. May 22 is our last day of regular classes. Starting the 24th, if your child is not performing, they will be on summer break! For everyone else, please refer to the rehearsal schedule at the end of this email (also sent in the April parent letter). The D/E/F schedule went out last week.

Help needed! We are looking for a few costume items for SYB, specifically a men’s bomber jacket, aviator hat and/or goggles (think Chris Pine’s character in Wonder Woman), and white onesie pajamas or sweatpants and sweatshirt that can fit a child size 8/10. We are also in need of a few backstage volunteers. These can be moms or older sisters who can help younger students get ready and escort them to and from the stage. Backstage volunteers will be able to watch the class they are monitoring from backstage and do not pay admission. If you are interested in helping backstage, please contact Katie Frederick, our SYB Guild president, at

Two-Week Rehearsal period. As stated in the April parent letter, on May 24, we will replace our regular class schedule with rehearsals for the concert. You can see that schedule again at the bottom of this email.

Concert update - tickets. We are still planning to hold our concert at the Fox theater; however, due to the pandemic, we can’t sell tickets very far in advance as we won’t know how many seats we can actually fill until May 24. Plan on each family being able to purchase two in-person seats. We will also be selling digital tickets to view a livestream of the performance. I know it’s a bummer to have to do things this way, but at this point I’m just glad we’re able to have a performance at all after the disappointment of canceling last year.

Concert packet. I will be sending home a packet of information for the concert weekend, including arrival times and locateons, makeup information, what to expect, and more. Expect to receive this packet by May 22.

Summer Classes! Can’t wait until the fall to come back to class? We are offering summer workshops for all levels. You can find out more at and go to Dance Studio-Pro to enroll. Unfortunately we don’t have exact times for the Ballet A-F workshops yet, but we should by June 1 (possibly 9-2 or 10-3 for A/B and 9-3 or 10-4 for C-F).

Rehearsal Schedule May 24-June 3

Creative Movement: Monday, 5/24 4:00-6:00; Thursday, 5/27, 4:00-5:30; Tuesday, 6/1, 4:00-5:00; Thursday, 6/3, 5:30-7:00 Elementary 1 and 2: Wednesday, 5/26, 4:00-6:00; Thursday, 5/27, 4:00-5:30; Wednesday, 6/2, 5:00-6:30; Thursday, 6/3, 6:00-7:00 Ballet A & B: Wednesday, 5/26, 4:00-6:00; Thursday, 5/27, 5:30-7:00; Wednesday, 6/2, 5:00-6:30; Thursday, 6/3, 6:00-7:00 Ballet C: Tuesday, 5/25, 4:00-7:00; Thursday, 5/27, 5:30-7:00; Tuesday, 6/1, 5:00-7:00; Thursday, 6/3, 4:00-7:00

The following times are for Ballet D/E/F:

Monday, 5/24

4:00-6:00 Ballet D/E/F including Ally (no Tristan or Tia) (no Ben)

Tuesday, 5/25

Before 4 pm Wheat Dance pas de deux: Ally & Ben

4:00-5:00 Class

5:00-7:00 Village scene: Ballet D/E/F including Ally, Tia, Tristan; Ben, Brooke, Anastacia

Wednesday, 5/26

Before 4 pm Village & Workshop scenes: Ally, Ben, Dr. Coppelius only

4:00-6:00 Wedding scene (partial): Aubrey, Brooke, Bella only

Thursday, 5/27

Before 4 pm Grand pas de deux: Ally & Ben

4:00-5:30 Finale part 1: Aubrey, Brooke, Bella, Anastacia

5:30-7:00 Finale part 2: ALL Ballet D/E/F, Sara, Brooke

Friday, 5/28

4:00-5:30 D/E/F Class

5:30-6:30 Dance of the Hours: Ballet D/E/F, Sara (no Tia, Tristan, or Ally)

6:30-7:30 Pas de Deux: Ben & Ally

Saturday, 5/29

10:00-11:30 D/E/F Class

Monday, 5/31 (Memorial Day)

4:00-6:00 Ben, Ally, Brooke, Tristan (maybe), Bella, Aubrey, Anastacia

Tuesday, 6/1

4:00-5:00 Workshop Scene: Ballet D/E/F (no Tia or Tristan); Ally, Ben, Anastacia

5:00-6:00 D/E/F Class

6:00-7:00 Village Scene: Ballet D/E/F including Tia, Tristan, Ally; Ben, Anastacia

Wednesday, 6/2

4:00-5:00 D/E/F Class

5:00-6:30 Wedding Scene – Ballet D/E/F including Ally (no Tristan or Tia), Sara, Ben

Thursday, 6/3

4:00-5:00 D/E/F Class

5:00-7:00 Coppelia full run-through: FULL CAST

We are getting close to the end of the school year! Let’s finish strong!

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Monthly parent letters are emailed to all families currently enrolled in the studio. They are reposted here along with other updates.