SYB Audition Form

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  • I understand that the performance for which the dancer is auditioning is tentatively scheduled for January 14, with dress rehearsal on January 13. The backup performance day is January 21 with dress rehearsal January 20. If cast, the dancer will commit to being completely available on these dates.

  • I understand that rehearsals will typically be one hour long and will take place on Saturdays between 1-5 pm. If the dancer is cast, I will do my best to inform the Artistic Director of the dancer’s availability in advance and to be present at all rehearsal dates for which the dancer is scheduled.

  • I understand that additional rehearsals will be scheduled during the two weeks prior to the performance and if the dancer is cast, will make every effort to be at all rehearsals for which dancer is scheduled.

  • I understand that if cast, repeated absences from rehearsal may result in forfeiture of the role.

  • I have read, understand and agree to abide by the policies of SYB. SYB has my permission to use photos of my child for display, advertisement, or promotional material without compensation. I understand there are risks involved in dance training and I release SYB, the Academy of Dance, its owners, directors, faculty, and independent contractors from any liability due to accident or injury on the premises or at any SYB-related activities. I give my permission to seek emergency treatment for my child if it appears necessary and SYB is unable to contact me.

Thanks for registering to audition. See you there!