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Spring Concert Fundraiser!

Fundraiser overview: We are selling 12-inch baskets of seasonal flowers through the local plant nursery Plant Farm. The baskets are $45 each, and a portion of each sale will go directly to SYB to help pay for our summer concert. Alternatively, there is an option to donate directly to SYB. All dancers are invited to participate in this fundraiser, even if they are not part of SYB. Prizes will be awarded to participants for meeting certain fundraising benchmarks.


Fundraiser dates: March 1-April 10. The fundraiser will close at 11:59 pm on April 10.


How to participate: Share the link, the QR code below, or our social media posts on Facebook and Instagram with your friends, family, and community. The attached document contains a form letter you can use to reach out to people and inform them about how SYB helps our dancers. When someone places an order or makes a donation on Ludus, they will be asked to name the dancer who will receive credit for their order or donation. Each dancer is responsible for delivering the baskets of those who credited them with their order. Once the fundraiser closes, we will send each participating dancer a list of the people who ordered a flower basket crediting them, including their address and contact information. The baskets will arrive at the studio on Thursday, April 18. You will have until Saturday, April 20, to pick up the baskets from the studio (see pickup times below). Please deliver the baskets in a timely fashion to ensure they are in good shape when they reach their recipients! Following the close of the fundraiser, we will award prizes to everyone who meets one or more of the benchmarks below.

15 (7)_edited_edited.jpg

Images courtesy of Plant Farm

Basket pickup times: these are the times when you can pick up your flower baskets from the studio.

Thursday, April 18: 3:00-6:30

Friday, April 19: 3:00-6:30

Saturday, April 20: 10:00-5:00


Fundraiser prizes: Everyone who reaches the following benchmarks will receive the following prizes. One basket is equivalent to a $20 donation, so if you sell 3 flower baskets and someone donates $40 in your name, you meet the third prize level. These benchmarks are cumulative, meaning if you sell 10 baskets, you get the prize for selling 10 baskets AND the prizes for selling 2 and 5 baskets!


2 baskets/$40 donation: 2 satin or velvet hair scrunchies OR Marvel Avengers sticker sheet

5 baskets/$100 donation: Capezio mini pointe shoe keychain

10 baskets/$200 donation: ballet skirt, kids tutu, OR ballet technique shoes

20 baskets/$400 donation: tights AND legwarmers or faux wrap sweater (up to $55 retail value)


Left: scrunchies; center: stickers; right: pointe shoe keychains


left to right: kids tutu, skirt (will have AOD logo on lower left corner, comes in multiple colors); legwarmers (come in black, white, ballet pink, capri pink [shown], and lilac ; faux wrap sweater

Top Seller Prizes:

1st Place: $100 gift card to Empire Dance Shop or Bou Cou (your choice)

2nd Place: stage makeup kit from Ben Nye ($80 value)

3rd Place: Bloch Troupe Dance Bag ($60 value)


left: Ben Nye stage makeup kit (comes in multiple shades); right: Bloch Troupe dance bag (comes in black/black, black/purple, and black/hot pink

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